To provide technical, operational and administrative leadership for the efficient and effective performance of the logistics functions of the Service.


  1. Provide inputs for the formulation of policies;
  2. Ensures the efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources of the  Directorate;
  3. Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities of the Directorate;
  4. Ensures the development, review and implementation of guidelines for the Directorate;
  5. Ensures the development of procurement manuals, Estate management manuals and procedures
  6. Ensures the development, maintenance and update of database on suppliers
  7. Ensures the preparation of the annual Procurement Plan of the Service
  8. Ensures the submission of annual and other periodic reports on the procurement functions to the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) through the Chief Fire Officer
  9. Ensures the effective and efficient management of the procurement process
  10. Ensures the proper stores management and assets disposal in accordance with laid down procedures and regulations
  11. Ensures construction of building projects and maintenance of existing building structures of the Service; (is GNFS to do the construction or supervise it)
  12. Ensures the development and maintenance of database for the Department;
  13. Ensures the provision of plans and other relevant information on proposed land acquisition and construction works.
  14. Oversees the construction of the Services’ physical projects
  15. Collaborates with relevant stakeholders in carrying out the functions of the Directorate
  16. Ensures the preparation and implementation of the maintenance schedule
  17. Liaises with the Legal Directorate on the acquisition of legal titles to the Service’s properties
  18. Ensures the development of a system for the tenancy management activities in collaboration with the Legal Directorate
  19. Ensures the development and maintenance of the Assets Register of the Service
  20. Ensures the implementation of decisions on the allocation of offices, residential accommodation and other facilities
  21. Ensure the preparation of the annual and periodic reports for the Directorate;
  22. Ensure the preparation of the annual work plan and budget of the Directorate.
  23. Oversees the implementation of the performance management system with the Directorate;
  24. Supervises and appraises the performance of subordinate staff.

  • Designation : Director Logistics