To provide technical, operational and administrative leadership for the efficient and effective performance of the finance functions of the Service.


  1. Provides inputs for the formulation of policies;
  2. Ensures the efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources of the Directorate;
  3. Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes and activities of the Directorate.
  4. Ensures the development, review and implementation of guidelines on Financial management of the Service
  5. Ensures the maintenance of proper books of accounts for the Service
  6. Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget and budgetary control systems for the Service
  7. Ensures the development of an effective budgetary control system for the Service
  8. Ensures the preparation, analysis and interpretation of financial reports for the Service
  9. Ensures effective payable management system for the Service
  10. Ensures the design and implementation of systems for effective collection of receivables and treasury management
  11. Maintain appropriate relationship with the relevant Ministries, Department and Agencies of government and stakeholders on issues relating to finance
  12. Identifies and advise management on strategies that will improve the revenue base of the Service
  13. Ensures compliance and advise the Service on the financial management laws, regulations and fiscal policies and any other financial issues
  14. Provide financial advice on the development of proposals
  15. Ensures that Pensions, Gratuities, Allowances, Salaries, Honorarium and any other emoluments are promptly honored
  16. Liaises with the Fire Safety Directorate, Administration Directorate, and other relevant bodies both within and outside the Service, in sourcing financial assistance for the Service to complement state funding
  17. Ensures the implementation of recommendations contained in the audit reports for the Directorate
  18. Ensures the implementation of an effective payroll management system for the Service
  19. Ensures the judicious use of funds in accordance with relevant financial regulations
  20. Ensures the development and implementation of financial control systems for the Service
  21. Ensures the preparation of annual work plan and budget of the Directorate
  22. Ensures the preparation of annual and other periodic reports of the Directorate
  23. Oversees the implementation of the Performance Management Systems within the Directorate

  • Full Name: DCFO M. Brako-Appiah
  • Designation : Director Finance