To provide technical and operational support for the efficient and effective performance of the public relations functions of the Service.


  1. Provides inputs for the formulation of policies
  2. Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes and activities of the Department.
  3. Ensures the efficient and effective management of human, material and financial resources of the Department
  4. Oversees the design and implementation of communication strategies of the Service
  5. Ensures the development of image building and branding strategies towards the creation of goodwill of the Service
  6. Establishes corporate relationship with stakeholders and public interest groups
  7. Reviews and recommend appropriate action on media coverage of Service’s mandate and activities
  8. Ensures the production of all publications of the Service
  9. Ensures the performance of all protocol activities within the Service
  10. Ensures the education and sensitization on the Service’s policies, programmes and activities to the public
  11. Collaborates with the Fire Safety Directorate on Public Fire Safety Education
  12. Ensures the creation and maintenance of corporate library and all forms of communication materials of the Service
  13. Updates the information on the Service’s website and respond to public interest queries
  14. Collaborates with other directorates to ensure the development and maintenance of a database on stakeholders of the Service (SPECIAL DUTIES)
  15. Ensures the implementation of recommendations contained in audit reports for the Department
  16. Oversees the implementation of Performance Management System within the Department
  17. Ensures the preparation of the budget and work plan of the Department
  18. Ensures the preparation of annual and other periodic reports of the Department
  19. Supervises and appraises immediate subordinate staff

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