To provide technical and administrative leadership for the efficient and effective performance of Fire Intelligence and Professional Standards, and Corporate and Institutional Partnership functions of the Service.


  1. Provide inputs for the formulation of policies.
  2. Ensures the efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources of the Directorate.
  3. Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities of the Directorate.
  4. Ensures the development, review and implementation of guidelines on Fire Intelligence and Professional Standards, and Corporate and Institutional Partnership.
  5. Ensures implementation of latest techniques, tactics, and best practices in the Directorate
  6. Ensures appropriate information sharing with other Security Services.
  7. Ensures collaboration with other Security Services in the performance of the Directorate’s functions
  8. Ensures Intelligence products are clearly and accurately prepared and delivered to inform decision making.
  9. Advices the Chief Fire Officer on tactics issues.
  10. Ensures legal frameworks, key working principles, policies and guidelines are strictly adhered to in handling Intelligence.
  11. Ensures assessment and dissemination of information and Intelligence to relevant parties are in line with confidentiality and appropriate legislation.
  12. Ensures compliance of international Fire Service professional standards and enforcement of the Service’s Disciplinary Codes.
  13. Ensures investigation of complaints referred by the Chief Fire Officer on matters boarding on corruption, misconduct and other offences whether criminal or civil.
  14. Ensures investigation of Public complaints, instances of malfeasance and any other acts of omission or commission.
  15. Ensures regular inspections of Fire Stations, equipment, records, documents and other facilities in accordance with guidelines provided in the Service.
  16. Ensures conduct of refresher courses/ seminars for Fire Officers in areas where deficiencies are detected in the course of inspection.
  17. Ensures development and evaluation of Intelligence reports.
  18. Ensures establishment of Fire Police Units at Stations, Districts and Regional Offices
  19. Ensures Fire Police maintains discipline within the rank and file of the Service.
  20. Ensures Fire Police enforces Internal Rules and Regulations and bring Offenders to book.
  21. Ensures Fire Police checks unnecessary loitering of Personnel and influx of Visitors, Civilians, and Friends of Personnel to the Headquarters without any justifiable reasons.
  22. Ensures cultivation, building and maintenance of high quality relationship with Sister Services and Stakeholders.
  23. Ensures good partnership with relevant corporate bodies and Institutions.
  24. Seeks sponsorship for anti-bushfire campaigns and Fire Safety programs from Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and Government Organizations.
  25. Ensures preparation of budgets for anti-bushfire campaigns and Fire Safety programs with the Rural Fire and Fire Safety Directorates respectively.
  26. Seeks sponsorship from relevant Embassies and Tertiary Institutions for training of Personnel in Courses not available at the Fire Academy and Training School (FATS).
  27. Seeks sponsorship from Embassies and Corporate bodies for improved facilities at the Fire Academy and Training School (FATS).
  28. Ensures constant interaction with Emergency Services to develop and review Contingent Plans and undertake joint Simulation Exercises.
  29. Ensures development and maintenance of the database for the Directorate.
  30. Ensures training and development of staff of the Directorate.
  31. Ensure the preparation of the annual and periodic reports for the Directorate.
  32. Ensure the preparation of the annual work plan and budget of the Directorate.
  33. Oversees the implementation of the performance management system within the Directorate.
  34. Supervises and appraises the performance of subordinate staff.

  • Full Name: DCFO ANNA A.O OBENG
  • Designation : Director Special Duties