Vision The vision of RICT Directorate is to transform the service delivery of the Service by using innovative and embracing new technologies geared towards early fire detections, timely response and ease of maneuvering to emergency situation and enhanced service delivery. 

The mission of the RICT Directorate was to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, gather and protect data, provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of emerging technology and information resources to the ultimate satisfaction of the general public. 


  1. Provides input for the formulation of policies.
  2. Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities of the Directorate.
  3. Ensures the effective and efficient management of the human, material and financial resources of the Directorate.
  4. Ensures the conduct of research for the Service.
  5. Ensures the development and management of a comprehensive database on  research of the Service
  6. Ensures the development of research agenda, research proposals and identification of business opportunities
  7. Ensures the effective development and implementation of policies, strategies, standards, guidelines, procedures and processes of  ICT programs and activities to align with the operation strategies of the Service
  8. Ensures the identification, evaluation, deployment and maintenance of Management Information Systems
  9. Ensures the implementation of the Information Security Risk Management (ISRM) associated with confidentiality and integrity.
  10. Ensures the creation and implementation of business continuity plan for the ICT service delivery
  11. Ensures the development and maintenance of ICT infrastructure of the Service
  12. Ensures the development, design, maintenance and implementation of critical web-based business applications, online systems, corporate website and intranets of the Service
  13. Provides advice and guidelines on acquisition, allocation, installation, maintenance, utilization, valuation and disposal of ICT equipment of the Service 
  14. Collaborate with other Directorates and external bodies in identifying areas of research
  15. Ensures compliance with relevant ICT legislation and implement audit recommendations
  16. Ensures the discipline of staff in the Directorate
  17. Oversees the implementation of Performance Management System within the Directorate.
  18. Ensures the preparation of the budget and work plan for the Directorate.
  19. Ensures the preparation of annual and other periodic reports of the Directorate.
  20. Supervises and appraises the performance of subordinate staff.

  • Designation : Director Research & ICT