To provide technical, operational and administrative leadership for the efficient and effective performance of the rural fires functions of the Service.


  1. Provides inputs for the formulation of policies.
  2. Ensures the efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources of the Directorate.
  3. Ensures the implementation of programme and activities of the Directorate.
  4. Ensures the development, review and implementation of guidelines for the management of Rural Fires  on bushfire prevention, suppression and ecology management.
  5. Ensures availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) and bushfire fighting tools for volunteers.
  6. Ensures enforcement and compliance of bushfire and ecology laws and regulations Law PNDCL .229, 1990 and ecology preservation Laws and Regulations.
  7. Advices the Chief Fire Officer on matters regarding management of bushfires and ecology preservation in the Country.
  8. Ensures organization of annual bushfire prevention and suppression campaign.
  9. Ensures the development, review and implementation of Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for bushfire fighting.
  10. Ensures development and implementation of Safety Standards and motivation packages for fire volunteers.
  11. Ensures the conduct of Rural fires bushfire investigations.
  12. Ensures community education on bushfire prevention and ecology preservation throughout the Country.
  13. Collaborates with other stakeholders in the organization of tree planting, clean up exercises in  communities;
  14. Provides inputs for Legislations to control the usage of plastics and chemicals into water bodies;
  15. Ensures formation and maintenance of volunteers’ squad (throughout the Country) is it necessary).
  16. Ensures issuance of identification cards (ID) and certificates for bushfires prevention and suppression volunteers.
  17. Ensures constant rapport between the Service and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Forestry Commission Management System within the Directorate. (is it possible to use stakeholders or there is a provision that specifically mentioned these Agencies)
  18. Ensures adequate training of staff of the Directorate.
  19. Ensures the development and maintenance of database for the Directorate. (database for what specifically)
  20. Oversees the implementation of the Performance management system of the Directorate
  21. Ensures the preparation of annual and other periodic reports for the Directorate.
  22. Ensures the preparation of the annual work plan and budget of the Directorate.
  23. Supervises and appraises the performance of subordinate staff.

  • Designation : Director Rural Fires