He shall be the 2IC to the Chief Fire Officer.

He shall among other responsibilities:

a. Be responsible to the Chief Fire Officer for all matters relating to Operations within the Service;

b. Advise on policy issues;

c. Co-ordinate activities of Staff and Personnel branches under him, as well as liaising with the Head of Human Resource/Training to ensure a proper training and re-training of personnel and staff under him;

d. Responsible for accurate records on operations, submit  Quarterly and Annual Reports to the Chief Fire Officer, as well as a copy of the Department’s Yearly Plan of Action;

e. Ensures that effective rescue and evacuation services are            rendered to those trapped by fire or in other emergency           situations;

f. Shall advise on the type of equipment to be used in the Service, as well as ensuring efficient functioning of all Appliances in the Service;

g. Liaise with Head of Technical Services to ensure the provision and maintenance of communication equipment;

h. Ensure timely submission of returns on operations;

i. Prepare and maintain contingency plans for very important buildings, of which content should be regularly exposed to fire-fighters to appreciate situations on the ground;

j. Advise the Chief Fire Officer on simulation exercises, as well as maintaining a working relationship with other fire fighting agencies;

k. Liaise with the Head (DCFO) - Safety Department to ensure that adequate facilities for fire fighting are covered and implemented in all relevant building plans;

l. Ensuring that the Department is equipped to handle mining fires, hazardous materials, and assist in combating marine and aviation fires.





a. responsible to the Head of Operations for all matters concerning fire-investigations in the Service;

b. ensure prompt action and accurate reports submission on fire-investigations;

c. advise on policy concerning fire-investigations;

d. ensure proper training of personnel in investigation;

e. Ensure prompt action on investigation reports of which copies   are to be given to clients where necessary;

f. Ensure the effective use of Central Laboratory for investigation            and research purposes.



The OIC - Incident Response Division (I.R.D.) shall be responsible to the Head of Operations for all matters relating to:

                a. Fire-fighting at fire grounds, rescue and evacuation operations, as well as issues concerning hazardous materials;

b. Ensure that up-dated Standard Operations Procedures document is available to fire-fighters, and applied accordingly;

c. Advise the Head Operations on policy guidelines regarding fire fighting and on fire-fighters as well as on rescue and evacuation matters;

d. Assist the 2ic - Operations in keeping accurate records on fire-out breaks and other relevant emergencies/incidence;



Responsible to the Head of Operations.

Responsibilities include:

a. To serve as the central communications Centre for the Ghana National Fire Service.

b. Serving as the first contact point for public calls for emergency assistance.

c. Prompt dispatch of appropriate field units, personnel and equipment at the receipt of emergency calls.

d. Monitor the progress of agencies, personnel and equipment en route to the scene of emergency and assist in prompt arrival of the Services.

e. Provide assistance in a timely manner and upon request from the field units as closely as possible.

f. Provide accurate and precise records as required by any field response units.

g. Monitor the emergency situation to its conclusion, exchange with field units any required related standing order.

h. Provide reliable dispatch of emergency units on stations.

i. Provide reliable information flow between field units and other agencies that may be drawn into the incident.

j. Training and development of staff of the section.

k. Managing performance of staff and providing feedback.




Responsible to the Head of Operations Department:

                a. Formulate policy guidelines regarding the health needs of personnel and their relations, and any other persons as may be approved by the   Ghana National Fire Service Management;

b. Ensure implementation of policies and directives;

c. Liaise with the Head of Human Resource/Training to meet the training and re-training and recruitment requirements of personnel and staff      working under the Directorate;

d. Ensure effective supervision of all the sections and units under his/her care;

e. Send Quarterly and Annual Reports, and a copy of Yearly Plan of         Action to the Head of Operations.

f. Apply Management and administrative Practices tailored towards the   realization of an efficient and effective Medical Centre.

g. Advise on Medical Boards for personnel of the Service.

h. Arrange for an annual medical examination of personnel.

i. Liaise between the Service, MOH and other Health Providers for the    implementation of National Health Polices.