No matter the type of business you conduct at your workplace, fire Safety should always be your main concern.

Fire Prevention

1. Keep your work area free of waste paper, trash and other items that can easily catch fire.
2. Check on your electrical cords. If a cord is damaged in any way, replace it. Try not to lay cords in places where they can be stepped on, as this will contribute to deterioration of the protective outside coating.
3. Don't overload your circuits.
4. Turn off electrical appliances at the end of each day.
5. Keep heat producing equipment away from anything that might burn. This includes copiers, coffee makers, computers, etc.
6. Contact your local fire station for a suitable fire extinguisher and let them help teach and install it at the appropriate place in the work premise.


1. Call 0302772446 / 0299340383 / 192 immediately and don't hung up on the emergency responder until you are told to do so. Also try and save your local fire station number on your phone.
2. Close doors when exiting to help limit the spread of smoke and fire throughout the building.
3. Never use elevators during an evacuation.
4. Follow the escape plan and meet at a pre-determined place outside of your building and away from danger. Conduct a headcount to ensure all of your staff has evacuated.
5. The best way to ensure the safety of your staff is through fire prevention and preparation.
6. Talk with your staff about fire safety in the workplace today or contact your local fire station for fire safety education.Alternatively, you can subscribe online via and our safety instructors are sure to respond in the shortest possible time.