i)         Responsible to the Chief Fire Officer:

a. For the formulation of general policy on Finance and Administration within the Service;

b. Development of general internal policy guidelines for managing all systems of the  Service;

c. Implementation of policies and directives affecting staff and personnel in the Service;

d. Clarify and address issues such as:  authority for a programme or function and regulatory compliance.

e. Co-ordinate activities of all branches under his Department;

f. General correspondence within the Service, and between external publics and the Service, where necessary;


(ii)    He shall be the Head of Promotion Advisory Board, Transfer Advisory Board, and Appointment Advisory Board,

        and shall be involved in the convening of the following Boards by the Head of Human Resource/Training:

  1. Command Studies Selection Boards;
  2. General Recruitment Boards;
  3. Selection Boards for Employment and Promotion of Civilians;


(iii)  Shall advise the Chief Fire Officer on all financial matters;


(iv)    Responsible for overseeing the National Welfare Fund;

(v)    Submit to Chief Fire Officer’s office, copies of Quarterly and Annual Report, and Yearly Plan of Action.



                a. Responsible to the Head of Finance and Administration on matters relating to financial administration;

b. Shall in consultation with 2ic of Finance and Administration Department and other relevant heads of the departments draw up the annual budget of the Service, in consultation with the Chief Fire Officer;

c. Being incharge of Accounts and Budget Sections,  the  Officer-In-Charge - Finance, in conjunction with the Human Resource/Training Department,

    shall facilitate a regular training and re-training of staff under his jurisdiction;

d. Maintain accurate accounts and financial records at all times and present them for audit when the need arises;

e. Ensure that Pensions, Gratuities, Allowances, Salaries, Honorarium and  any other emoluments are promptly honoured;

f. To liaise with the Fire Safety Department, Public Relations Directorate, and other relevant bodies both within and outside the Service,

    in sourcing financial assistance for the Service to complement state funding;



               a. Responsible to the Head of Finance and Administration on matters relating to General Administration;

b. Adopting practices to facilitate the implementation of administrative policies and directives;

c. Ensuring effective supervision on Personnel Section under him, issues relating to General Office Administration, as well as that of the Confidential Registry;

d. Ensure effective handling of all relevant correspondence both within the Service and between the Service and other Agencies;

e. Ensure the Training and Development of Personnel and Staff of his division;



            Responsible to the Head of Finance and Administration.

            The Directorate shall:

              a. Be responsible for all legal matters within the Service;

b. Advise the Chief Fire Officer on all legal issues affecting the Service;

c. Give legal advice to all Boards;

d. Advise on the establishment of Disciplinary Tribunals and Judicial Procedures;

e. Defend, where necessary, personnel of the Service who have Cases in Courts;

f. Assist in the settlement of cases involving the Service outside the Court if that should be in the interest of the Service;

g. Submit through the Head of Finance & Administration, Quarterly and Annual Reports and Yearly Plan of Action.

h. The Head of legal shall be assisted by a 2ic.



              a. The Public Relations Directorate shall be the mouth-piece and interpreter of the Service; in terms of the Service’s Mission, Policies, Programmes, Functions and Activities;

b. In consultation with the Chief Fire Officer and/or any other responsible Officer, the Head of Public Relations shall handle protocol duties,

     Media Inquiries/Relations, liaise between the Service and outside Organisations for Meetings, Talks, Lectures, and the like, prepare occasional News Releases,

     handle Publicity Management and Special Events Management;

c. Advise the Chief Fire Officer and Management on Public Relations issues;

d. Implement policies and directives designed towards enhancing the corporate image of the Service, particularly through the use of the mass media;

e. Liaise with the Head of Human Resource/Training Department to adequately train and re-train personnel, 

     and Public Relations Officers in all aspects of Fire Safety, Fire-fighting, as well as in areas of interest in their chosen profession of Public Relations Practices;

f. Formulate and implement policy guidelines on Public Relations Functions and Programmes at the National Level, Regional Command Level and District Level;

g. Submit Quarterly and Annual Reports, and a copy of the   Directorate’s Yearly Plan of Action to the Chief Fire Officer;

h. Shall be assisted by a 2ic.





            RELATIONS - OIC

   a. Accountable to the Head of Public Relations;

   b. Establish a clear and systematic policy for media relations;

   c. Developing a relationship with the Media, providing information to Reporters and responding to inquiries, and monitoring the media to react promptly, where necessary;

   d. Providing public information at the scene of emergency to explain what has occurred, action being taken and safety precautionary measures;

   e. Announcing major Appointment and Promotion of Personnel, and publicizing awards and other recognition of the service or its members;

    f. Collaborate with OIC - Public Education;

    g. Serving as a liaison with our external publics and other actors in the fire protection system to help educate them about the Service and secure their co-operation in prevention and other programmes.

    h.Liaise with outside Organisations in interacting with the Service.



a. Responsible to the Head of Public Relations;

b. Co-ordinate programmes on Public Fire Education through the mass media, at the National and Regional Level;

c. Formulate and implement policy guidelines which will make the Division serves as a co-ordinating centre for public fire education campaigns via the mass media;

d. Carry out public fire education campaigns, through  the media, by identifying,

    selecting, and rehearsing with Service Resource Persons on areas to be covered during Radio and T.V programmes;

e. Shall handle the accommodation and other needs of resource persons for public fire education campaigns.

f. Advise the Head of Public Relations on all issues concerning mass media fire education.


Accountable to the Head of Public Relation in the following aspects;

                a. Provide photographic and video coverage for Service activities;

b. Provide estimates on cost of photographic and video materials needed, keep proper records and maintenance of Service cameras,

     video cassettes, films, and a library for Service documents and properties emanating from the Division; Liaise with other OICs.

c. Handling the exhibition of photographs on Service Notice Board and for other exhibitions;


iv)       PROTOCOL - OIC

Accountable to the Head of Public Relations in the following             aspects:

                a. Handle the acquisition of Passports and Visas for personnel traveling abroad for course/studies;

b. In-charge of reservations and bookings for flights, protocol arrangements at the National Airport for VIP treatments for superior Officers,

     other deserving Officers, as well as for very Important Personalities visiting the Service;

c. Arranging for Hotel Accommodation for visitors and for personnel traveling within the country on official duties;

d. Carrying through the necessary protocol duties and arrangements for both State and Service functions.