He shall be the 2IC to the Chief Fire Officer.

i. He shall among other responsibilities:

a. Be responsible to the Chief Fire Officer for all matters relating to Operations within the Service.

b. Advise on policy issues.

c. Co-ordinate activities of Staff and Personnel branches under him, as well as liaising with the Head of Human Resource/Training to ensure a proper training and re-training of personnel and staff under him;

d. Responsible for accurate records on operations, submit Quarterly and Annual Reports to the Chief Fire Officer, as well as a copy of the Department’s Yearly Plan of Action;

e. Ensures that effective rescue and evacuation services are rendered to those trapped by fire or in other emergency situations;

f. Shall advise on the type of equipment to be used in the Service, as well as ensuring efficient functioning of all Appliances in the Service;

g. Liaise with Head of Technical Services to ensure the provision and maintenance of communication equipment;

h. Ensure timely submission of returns on operation;

i. Prepare and maintain contingency plans for very important buildings, of which content should be regularly exposed to firefighters to appreciate situations on the ground;

j. Advise the Chief Fire Officer on simulation exercises, as well as maintaining a working relationship with other firefighting agencies;

k. Liaise with the Head (DCFO) – Safety Department to ensure that adequate facilities for firefighting are covered and implemented in all relevant building plans;

l. Ensuring that the Department is equipped to handle mining fires, hazardous materials, and assist in combating marine and aviation fires.

Department under Operations (National Headquarters Level)

a. Investigations Division
b. Incident response Division
c. Fire Master Control (FMC)



i. Responsible to the Chief Fire Officer;

a. For the formulation of general policy on Finance and Administration within the Service;

b. Development of general internal policy guidelines for managing all systems of the Service;

c. Implementation of policies and directives affecting staff and personnel in the Service;

d. Clarify and address issues such as: authority for a programme or function and regulatory compliance;

e. Co-ordinate activities of all branches under his Department;

f. General correspondence within the Service, and between external publics and the Service, where necessary.

ii. He shall be the Head of Promotion Advisory Board, Transfer Advisory Board, and Appointment Advisory Board, and shall be involved in the convening of the following Boards by the Head of Human Resource/Training:

a. Command Studies Selection Boards;
b. General Recruitment Boards;
c. Selection Boards for Employment and Promotion of Civilians;

iii. Shall advise the Chief Fire Officer on all financial matters;

iv. Responsible for overseeing the National Welfare Fund;

v. Submit to Chief Fire Officer’s office, copies of Quarterly and Annual Reports, and Yearly Plan of Action.

Department under Finance and Administration (National Headquarters Level)

a. Finance Division
b. Administration Division


Responsible to the Head of Finance and Administration

The Directorate shall:

i. Be responsible for all legal matters within the Service;
ii. Advise the Chief Fire Officer on all legal issues affecting the Service;
iii. Give legal advice to all Boards;
iv. Advise on the establishment of Disciplinary Tribunals and Judicial Procedures;
v. Defend, where necessary, personnel of the Service who have Cases in Courts;
vi. Assist in the settlement of cases involving the Service outside the Court if that should be in the interest of the Service;
vii. Submit through the Head of Finance & Administration, Quarterly and Annual Reports and Yearly Plan of Action.
viii. The Head of legal shall be assisted by a 2ic.


i. The Public Relations Directorate shall be the mouth-piece and interpreter of the service; in terms of the Service’s Mission, Policies, Programmes, Functions and Activities;

ii. In consultation with the Chief Fire Officer and/or any other responsible Officer, the Head of Public Relations shall handle protocol duties, Media Inquiries/Relations, liaise between the Service and outside Organisations for Meetings, Talks, Lectures, and the like, prepare occasional News Releases, handle Publicity Management and Special Events Management;

iii. Advise the Chief Fire Officer and Management on Public Relations issues;

iv. Implement policies and directives designed towards enhancing the corporate image of the Service, particularly through the use of the mass media;

v. Liaise with the Head of Human Resource/Training Department to adequately train and re-train personnel, and Public Relations Officers in all aspects of Fire Safety, Firefighting, as well as in areas of interest in their chosen profession of Public Relations Practices;

vi. Formulate and implement policy guidelines on Public Relations Functions and Programmes at the National Level, Regional Command Level and District Level;

vii. Submit Quarterly and Annual Reports, and a copy of the Directorate’s Yearly Plan of Action to the Chief Fire Officer;

viii. Shall be assisted by a 2ic.

Sections under Public Relations

a. Media Relations/External Relations/Internal Relations
b. Public Education
c. Audio – Visual & Library
d. Protocol



i. Responsible to the Chief Fire Officer for all matters relating to the resourcing, training, development and retention of personnel and required skills within the Service;

ii. Advise on all Human Resources and Training Policies;

iii. Advise the Chief Fire Officer and all Heads of Department on staffing issues.

iv. Advise on personnel compensation issues.

v. Managing performance and appraisals in conjunction with Heads of Department;

vi. Develop congenial work environment, quality of work life, equal employment opportunities, and respect for personnel rights;

vii. Be responsible for general personnel relations and where necessary in conjunction with Legal Department;

viii. Responsible for Officer’s general welfare;

ix. Co-ordinate the activities of all divisions under the Human Resource/Training Department;

x. Be responsible for the training of staff under the department;

xi. In conjunction with the Heads of Finance and Administration, Operations and any other relevant department be responsible for;

• General Recruitment
• General Promotions
• Command Studies Selection
• Employment and Promotion of Civilians
• General Personnel Relations
• Determining Awards and Honours
xii. Be involved in Senior Officers Promotion

xiii. Submit to the Chief Fire Officer’s office, copies of Quarterly and Annual Reports, and Yearly Plan of Action Document.

Section under Human Resource/Training

Human Resource Division
i. Manpower Planning Section
ii. Personnel Development Section
iii. Personnel Relations Section
iv. General Welfare Section

Training and Education Division
i. Fire College
ii. Fire Service Training Schools



Being responsible to the Chief Fire Officer, the Head of Fire Safety shall
among others, carry through the following:

a. Formulation of general policy on Fire Safety, Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Inspection and Fire Cover Certificate;

b. Ensure the implementation of policies formulated;

c. Making sure that the Directorate provides technical advice for building plans in respect of machinery and structural layouts to facilitate escape from fire, rescue operations and fire management;

d. Ensure proper supervision of all the Inspectorate Divisions, Sections and Units throughout the Country;

e. He shall liaise with the Head of Human Resource/Training to ensure that personnel in his Directorate are adequately trained and equipped.

f. Ensure that all monies received by the Directorate are properly handled as provided by directives of the Service;

Division under fire safety department (National Headquarters Level)

i. Fire Education Division
ii. Inspectorate Division
iii. Certification Division



Responsible to the Chief Fire Officer

As head of the Logistics Department the DCFO (Logistics) is responsible for
the following:

i. Policy on all Logistics and related issues and advising on all logistic related issue;

ii. Coordinating the works of all division under the Logistics Department;

iii. Procurement, storage, accounting and disposal of stores and equipment belonging to the Ghana National Fire Service;

iv. Acquisition of land and landed property for the Service;

v. Maintenance of Service property;

vi. Provision of accommodation for Service personnel;

vii. Dealing with new and on going contracts.

viii. Submit to the Chief Fire Officer’s office, Quarterly and Annual Reports, and Yearly Plan of Action Document.

Division under Logistics Department

a. Purchasing Division
b. Estate Division
c. Development Section
d. Valuation Section
e. Survey and Technical Drawing
f. Supply Division
g. Central Store Section
h. Central Tailoring Section
i. Transport Division



Responsible to the Chief Fire Officer in all matters of Research Policy
and Programmes, and shall:

j. Research into methods and practice of Firefighting and Prevention by the Ghana National Fire Service in both technical and human terms;

ii. Identify and assess the hazards and risks resulting from industrial and
social development, and introduction of new technologies;

iii. Research and analyse the implications of the government policy on the
Fire Service and its operations.

iv. Identify logistic requirements for personnel to contain any risks posed.

v. Identify innovations to improve on service delivery.

vi. Maintain information in easily accessible form and writing reports periodically for valuation and decision making purposes.

vii. Collect data both within and outside on incidents, schedules, equipment, finances, inspections, etc.

viii. Monitor if targets and other directives set out by management are being followed and achieved.

ix. Monitor and ensure that all Departments and Directorates submit Quarterly and Annual reports and Plans of Action for the Chief Fire Officer’s Guidelines and overall Service Budget.

x. Identify problems militating against the achievement of overall mission of the Ghana National Fire Service.

xi. Undertake any other tasks as may be assigned by Management from time to time.

xii. Develop mechanisms for data collection, processing, storage and retrieval for dissemination and policy formulation by Management.

xiii. Be responsible for the Development of strategic plans and programmes for the Service.

xiv. Identify and assess the relevance of new innovative services to be introduced.

xv. Develop measures to correct identified weaknesses where necessary.

xvi. Ensure the training and development of all staff under the Department.

Division under Research & Development

a. Research and Statistics Division
b. Monitoring and Evaluation Division
c. Management Information Division
d. Planning Division



Responsible to the Chief Fire Officer for all matters relating to the
maintenance of vehicles, equipment and communication infrastructure
in the Fire Service:

i. Shall advise on policy regarding maintenance.

ii. Shall ensure that all workshops function efficiently.

iii. Shall ensure the proper training of all mechanics and technicians.

iv. Shall in consultation with the Research and Development department design and install appropriate communication infrastructure including ICT.

v. Shall ensure that there are adequate tools for repair and maintenance of vehicles and equipment and communication infrastructure.

vi. Shall in conjunction with the operations department recommend to the Chief Fire Officer, the most suitable type of firefighting equipment, vehicles and communication equipment.

vii. Shall perform any other responsibility assigned.

Division under Technical Services Department

a. Central Workshop
b. Communication Workshop


Accountable to the Chief Fire Officer in the following aspects:

a. Formulation of policy guidelines regarding the combat and management
of Rural Fires and Wild Fires;

b. Ensure implementation of directives and policies formulated on bushfires
and wildfires;

c. Setting yearly targets and objectives for his Department, and drawing up a
yearly Plan of Action with a copy sent to the office of the Chief Fire Officer for CFO’s Guidelines, and to be monitored by the Research, Development and Monitoring Department;

d. Keep accurate records on bushfires, send Quarterly and Annual Reports to
the Chief Fire Officer;

e. See to the training of Fire Volunteers, as well as the training of personnel
under his/her command;

f. Liaise with other stakeholder institutions – such as NADMO, Food and
Agric. Ministry, Local Government and Development Ministry, Land and Forestry, in carrying out some activities which will help in the realization of effective management for bushfire control;

g. Co-ordinate the organization for Annual Bushfire Prevention Campaigns;
h. Collaborate with the Head of Public Relations in carrying out mass public
education campaign on bushfires through the print and electronic media;

i. Ensure an effective supervision and monitoring of performance of
personnel under his division – Planning Division, Records and Monitoring Division, and Programmes Division which handles community Education and Volunteer Training;

Divisions under Rural Fire Department

a. Planning Division
b. Records and Monitoring Division
c. Programmes Division


He may have the status of a Regional Commander.

a. Accountable to the Chief Fire Officer for the administration of personnel
under Headquarters personnel categorization;

b. Responsible for the welfare and managing performance of personnel
under his/her command;

c. In charge of discipline, sanitation, maintenance of Headquarters premises,
provision of uniforms and other needs of personnel;

d. Ensure that annual leave roster is prepared for all personnel under
Headquarters personnel categorization;

e. Make sure that annual confidential reports on Headquarters Personnel,
National Reports and Appraisals are duly submitted.

f. Hold durbars with personnel, solve their problems, carry issues raised to
Management for a feedback to personnel;

g. Identify hardworking personnel for motivation packages – such as Yearly
Awards, and other categories of awards;

h. Manage the Service Bands in accordance with the Code;

i. Shall have his/her office organized with the following under his/her

a. Music Section
b. Administration Section
c. Logistics Section
d. Sports (Recreation)


The Head of Internal Audit is responsible to the Chief Fire Officer in the following area:

a. Reviewing and testing internal accounting control, and monitoring the
functioning of the accounting system.

b. Examining financial and operational information
c. Reviewing operations and related operating controls to promote
increased efficiency and economy.

d. Carrying out special duties or investigations at Managements request.

e. Verification of accuracy of financial records and related reports and

f. Performing any other function incidental to the operations of the Unit.

g. To pre-audit vouchers before payments are made.